Hello World!

Welcome to my table, pull up a seat and let’s jump right in!  The Traveling Table gets it’s namesake because it does just that, moves around not only the continental U.S. but sometimes across the world.

Let me introduce myself, I am Kelly, wife, mother, and lover of healthy food!  I hope to share some recipes I have come to enjoy and other adventures as they come.  My family and I have moved around quite a bit, and will continue to do so because my husband is a member of the military.  Due to our somewhat unconventional life we don’t keep roots in one place for very long, and so we make the best of each new home.

Germany was our last duty station, and the land where I fell in love with cooking, and food blogging.  I had no knowledge of food, and I certainly did not know my way around the kitchen when I first dove into cooking, but now I have grown quite a passion for food and I strive towards feeding my family food that is whole, healthy, and delicious.  Stumbling around food blogs opened my eyes to so many wonderful dishes I never realized I could make at home!

Since our days in Germany we have returned to the states, and decided to maintain a less processed way of eating.  Though I do not feel that my diet can be categorized in just one bubble, my goal is to be healthy and satisfied, however I can admit most of my recipes are vegetarian or vegan.

I hope you can enjoy the recipes as well as my other musings here!
Stop back soon!




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